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Chotso, general manager of Zangdong Treasure Wine Co., LTD

2022-10-10 16:44:00China Tibet Online

“She is our leader at work and like our family member in life.” “Chotso is especially good at digging into new things. I watch her science videos on TikTok every day.”

When talking about Chotso, general manager of ZangdongTreasure Wine Co., Ltd. in Mangkam County, Chamdo City, Tibet Autonomous Region, everyone should have thumbs up.

Born in Tsakhalho township, which has a wine-making history of more than 100 years, Chotso, a former civil servant, resigned in 2014 and returned to her hometown in Mangkam County in order to promote her hometown’s wine to the whole country and the world.

This year marks the eighth year that Chotso has entered the wine industry. In these years, Chotso has always taken ethnic unity as the top priority in all work of the company. So far, Chotso has employed 32 employees from 8 ethnic groups, including Tibetan, Naxi, Han and Yi.

Chotso knows that an enterprise must have the responsibility of giving back to the society if it wants to go a long way.

Muxu Township, Naxi Ethnic Township and Quzeka Township are located in the southernmost part of Mangkam County, and the climate conditions are suitable for grape growth. Therefore, Chotso led the establishment of the “Dameiyong” poverty alleviation organization in 2016. Through the model of “enterprise + association + base + farmer”, the people in the three townships have planted more than 1,000 mu of wine grapes. In the past few years, Chotso’s Zangdong Treasure Wine industry has actively recruited the registered poor as temporary workers, with a cumulative poverty alleviation cost of more than 15 million yuan.

As a person who has received higher education, Chotso knows the importance of education. Therefore, she actively coordinated various forces to encourage poor students to change their fate through education by setting up poverty alleviation programs and distributing scholarships.

After years of development, Zangdong Treasure Wine Industry has moved into a new factory covering an area of 40 mu. Every year, it invests about 1 million yuan to purchase equipment, recruit talents, research and experiment, and has successfully developed and put on the market 9 kinds of wine products. With good quality, the “Dameiyong” series wine brand in the region is very popular.

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