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China's border areas at forefront of opening-up

2018-12-11 09:30:00Xinhua

People visit "Belt and Road" Pavilion at the 15th China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning City, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Sept. 13, 2018. [Photo/Xinhua]

Vietnamese and Chinese words are juxtaposed on signs and labels everywhere, and mountains tower over stacks of cargo in the Pingxiang Integrated Free Trade Zone in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Trucks lumber through constantly, piling up at the border crossing, waiting to bring goods from Vietnam into China through the logistics park.

Nong Tuan, 26, an agent who coordinates between companies and customs, is zipping around the trucks on a Segway between the border checkpoints of China and Vietnam.

Every day Tuan makes dozens of trips between his native Vietnam and China. "Sometimes I need to charge my segway twice a day," he said.

"It's now a bustling place with more and more trucks coming, but when my father did border trade three decades ago, things were quite different," he said.

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