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【1st anniversary of the opening of Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway】Tsering Gyalpo, catenary worker

2022-08-11 15:39:00China Tibet Online

"I was very nervous, my palms were sweaty, and my legs kept shaking. When I climbed to the top of the pole, I couldn't hear anything except for my own gasping sound. When I got down, I found that my back was all wet." Speaking of his first pole-climbing job, 23-year-old catenary worker Tsering Gyalpo still has a fresh memory. Beginning in 2020, Tsering Gyalpo's work is to operate at a height of 6 meters above the ground, mainly to conduct uninterrupted inspections of a series of catenary equipment such as pillars, leads, and suspensions.

Tsering Gyalpo, who was born in Shigatse, is the only railway worker in his village. "It is a matter of pride to be able to use what I have learned to guard the safe operations of the first electrified railway in my hometown." Today's Tsering Gyalpo has already overcome his fears and adapted to working at heights. In the past, it took a day for him to return home from Lhasa. Today, it takes just more than two hours by taking the Fuxing EMU. Sitting in the spacious and comfortable carriage, he increasingly felt that his work was very important. "It's been a year since the Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway came into operation, and I want to take my parents to experience the convenience and comfort of the Fuxing EMU."

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