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Village History Museums built in Litang, Sichuan

2019-10-28 16:30:00China Tibet Online

“Look, this is your labor scene.” On October 19 in Rolxi Village, Junba Township, Litang County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, villager Sonam Dhundrup said this as he and his neighbors looked around the Village History Museum. With the support of Sichuan Normal University, Rolxi Village in Junba Township and Khaniang Village in Gyalwa Town each have built a Village History Museum.

The Village History Museum uses texts, photographs, and material objects to introduce the village’s historical development, the geographical environment, specialty resources, production livelihood, culture and art, revolutionary martyrs, assistance partners, achievements of reform, and results of poverty alleviation work.

As Tsewang, village secretary of Kaniang Village, said, the Village History Museum can help the villagers, especially the young people, better understand the history and development of the village, and it further enhances the momentum of poverty alleviation work.

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