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Tibet Airlines escorts Tibetan students back to school

2020-04-30 20:47:00China Tibet Online

At 10:38 on April 17, Tibet Airlines flight TV9907 (Chamdo to Chongqing), carrying 106 teachers and students from the Chongqing Xi Zang School, took off from Chamdo Bangda Airport and landed in Chongqing to bring the teachers and students back to school. 

As the Covid-19 epidemic situation continues to improve domestically, universities, primary, and secondary schools in various regions have begun to open up again, but the risk of spreading the virus further cannot be ignored.Tibet Airlines specially coordinated the check-in service for the re-entry flight at Chamdo Bangda Airport, quickly handled check-in and baggage check procedures for the students, and arranged for a vehicle transfer service from Chongqing Jiangbei Airport to escort the Tibetan students “on the road back to school”. 

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