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Litang, Sichuan: Herdsmen learns Mandarin with high passion

2020-04-29 14:23:00China Tibet Online

“Studying these past few days has improved my Mandarin level, so it will be easier to go out for work in the future.” On April 18, after the last Mandarin language training class, Dangzhen Nyima, a herdsman from Litang County in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province said passionately in not quite perfect Mandarin. He also presented a white khata scarf to the teacher. 

In 2019, all of Mangkang Village successfully got rid of poverty. In order to further consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, Sichuan Radio and Television University decided to conduct special Mandarin training classes for people in the pastoral areas of Mangkang Village. They carefully organized experienced teachers to go to Mangkang Village to carry out trainings on April 14. 

When hearing this news, people in the village responded enthusiastically. One after another, more than 40 villagers signed up, most of them were young and middle-aged. 

During nearly a e week of Mandarin training class from April 14 to 18, the Mangkang Village Activity Center filled its seats every day. Most students had no foundation in Mandarin but still listened to the lessons attentively, unafraid of any difficulties. 

After the first Mandarin training session, Sichuan Radio and Television University will continue to promote Mandarin in Mangkang Village through regular face-to-face trainings and the use of a “language poverty alleviation” app to help overcome poverty and revitalize the village. 

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