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Travel in Xizang by Train

2024-04-18 15:33:00China Tibet Online

In the picture, tourists are taking a group photo in the train.

At 23:40 on April 14, the Y973 themed tourist train slowly pull out from Xining Station. More than 700 tourists embarked on a journey to Xizang lasting for 11 days. During the journey, tourists will visit the Potala Palace, the Jokhang Temple, Namtso Lake, and other famous tourist attractions, and enjoy the magnificent mountains, rivers and the unique customs in Xizang .The train will take the passengers to Nyingchi City for the peach flower festival.

To ensure that tourists will have a comfortable and happy journey, the tourist train has air-conditioned sleeping cars with oxygen supply, in which there are staff service station, entertainment, catering, and other facilities for the convenience of people. Professional tour guides and service personnel provide considerate services to tourists.


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