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Nyingchi, Tibet issues 5 million yuan in travel consumption vouchers

2020-06-17 16:30:00China Tibet Online

Nyingchi, Tibet issues 5 million yuan (704,741 US dollars) in travel vouchers on June 10, including 50,000 vouchers in value of 20 yuan, 30,000 vouchers of 50 yuan, and 25,000 of 100 yuan. Any visitor to Nyingchi can obtain a voucher.

The travel consumption vouchers of 20 and 50 yuan are to be used for scenic spots and accommodation, and the 100 yuan travel voucher is to be used for travel and accommodation.

Tourists can collect vouchers in two ways: from the official WeChat platform of the Nyingchi Tourism Bureau, enter the “Huiyou Linzhi” applet, or search for or scan the QR code to enter the “Huiyou Linzhi” applet in WeChat.

It is reported that the consumption vouchers being issued cover 11 core scenic spots in Nyingchi, 41 hotels, and 44 boutique family inns. It is the first large-scale distribution of travel vouchers in the tourism consumption market in Nyingchi. 

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