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Dragon Boat Friendship Race Comes to a Successful Conclusion in Lulang

2024-06-14 17:27:00China Tibet Online


In celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival, the China-Nepal Dragon Boat Friendship Race of 2024 was held in the Dratang Lutso waters in Lulang of Nyingchi City. It is reported that there are also yak raft 100 m and two-people kayak flatwater 200 m races in addition to 100 m and 200 m Dragon Boat Races.

Finally, after the exciting competition, the Dragon Boat Team of the Dragon Boat Association in Pokhara, Nepal, won the championship of four competitions and Nyingchi Basum Co Dragon Boat Team was in second place in the four competitions. Besides,the Beijing Qizheng Rhodiola Dragon Boat Team was in third place in the 100 m Yak Raft Race; and the Dragon Boat Team of China Teambuilding Alliance Association was in third place in the two-people kayak flatwater 200 m.

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