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Ecological tomatoes win market recognition on the plateau

2019-05-06 10:15:00China Tibet Online

In April 2018, a Plateau Fresh Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. settled in Batang County and began its construction. The Plateau Ecological Green Vegetable Experimental Park is the first phase of the company’s construction project. It is located in Sumdo Village, Sumdo Town at more than 3,000 meters above sea level. Up to now, 40 winter greenhouses, 10 spring and autumn heliogreenhouses, and one smart greenhouse have already been built.

According to Meng Fanqiang, manager of the corporation, they started experimenting with small tomatoes in August of last year, and the products went to market in December.

Due to the abundant sunshine, the large difference in temperature between day and night, and the high quality water and soil, the fruit and vegetables grown here are more crisp, refreshing, and more nutritious. The small tomatoes are very popular in the local market. It is worth mentioning that the small tomatoes are currently entering the high-end consumer market.

There are more than 30 vegetable varieties planted at the vegetable base currently on the market, including cucumber, green peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant. These plateau vegetables have enriched local people's vegetable baskets, and they are gradually bidding farewell to the days of "having difficulty in buying vegetables" and "buying expensive vegetables".

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