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Immersive Experience of Lhoba Weaving, Intangible Cultural Heritage Project in Mainling

2024-06-13 15:47:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the sponsor of the 16th Yellow Peony Tibetan Medicine Cultural Tourism Festival in Mainling in 2024 organized tourists to visit Caizhao Village in Neyul Lhoba Ethnic Township, so that tourists could have an immersive experience of the unique charm of intangible cultural heritage projects in Mainling, such as Lhoba weaving, Lhoba bamboo weaving, and Lhoba bamboo arrows.

Mainling Neyul Lhoba Workshop (Lhoba Weaving Technique) Teaching and Learning Base was included in the second batch of teaching and learning bases of intangible cultural heritage projects at the autonomous region level in June 2016. Currently, there are 23 practitioners, who are all natives of Caizhao Village. It has opened up a new path for increasing the income of local people.

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