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Promote Spine Health of Patients

2024-06-06 10:47:00China Tibet Online

Li Chunde, Chief Physician of Orthopedics Department, Peking University First Hospital, has been engaged in research and treatment of scoliosis for more than 30 years. One of his identities is the Chairman of the Orthopedic Expert Committee in the large public welfare program entitled “One Heartthe China Heart”. It witnessed his participation in the public welfare activity for 15 years. Li Chunde could remember many things when he participated in the One Heart activity in the last 15 years. His contact with patients in the plateau areas impressed him. 

In the picture are all kinds of medals and certificates obtained by Li Chunde, including the “One Heart Public Welfare Practice Award”. 

At the beginning of this year, Li Chunde rescued and treated 4 Tibetan patients with severe spine malformation who came to Beijing for treatment. Among them, Dawa Tashi who was 23 years old had kyphosis and scoliosis. His malformation was reversed for 180 degrees. Besides, the kyphosis compressed internal organs and made the patient’s normal life quite inconvenient. 

In the picture, Li Chunde is communicating about the condition of the patient with scoliosis with his colleagues. 

The opportunity of going to Beijing for treatment was rare for these Tibetan patients. They always had hopes. “The nurses in the hospital took good care of them. The patients got along well with us after a period of time.” He introduced that the surgery lasted for more than 10 hours in the process of treatment, it was completed by several teams of doctors, and it was very difficult, but these patients did not have any complications and the effect of orthosis was achieved. Besides, their height increased by 6 cm to 22 cm. After they were discharged, we kept in touch with them through the sponsor of the One Heart activity and provided them with guidance and consulting on rehabilitation training and other aspects regularly.” 

In the picture, Li Chunde is making the rounds of the wards. 

Li Chunde said that we should detect scoliosis in high-altitude areas early or prevent it. 

In the picture, Li Chunde is working. 

Today, as the scope involved by the large public welfare program entitled “One Heart, the China Heart” is bigger and bigger, it has benefited a lot of patients in remote areas. The Chinese public welfare has a bigger and bigger impact. Li Chunde believes that this is good and shows the progress of social civilization. He believes that this undertaking will be more and more perfect. He also said that he would continue to participate in public welfare and charity activities in the future. He also believes that the integration of related resources will be better. 

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