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Chagyab, a Beautiful County in the East of Xizang

2024-05-29 16:36:00China Tibet Online

Chagyab County is located in Chamdo, east of the Xizang Autonomous Region, with an average altitude of 3,000 meters. The Tibetan, Hui, Han, and Naxi people live together in Chagyab County among other ethnic groups, forming a diversified ethnic culture. The county is advanced in transportation. With Mangkam to its south, Konjo to the east, Gyamda to the north, and Karub District to the west, the county boasts a superior geographical location, thus becoming an ideal place for tourism, summer resort, leisure, and vacation. The picture shows the neat street of Gyitang Town. Gyitang means “the dam of relaxation and beauty” in the Tibetan language. Located in the northwest of Chagyab County and 63 kilometers away from Bangdag Airport, Gyitang is the gateway to Chagyab County and a necessary passage through which Chamdo is connected to the southern section of the Sichuan-Xizang Highway and Yunnan-Xizang Highway.

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