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Dai Bin: Doctors Go to the Countryside to Provide Medical Help to People in the Village

2024-04-17 11:19:00China Tibet Online

“Local people are very simple. They are unwilling to leave after each consultation.” In July 2023, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University sent a medical team consisting of more than 20 people to participate in the large-scale medical public welfare activity “One Heart, the China Heart” in Chamdo, Xizang. The simple local Tibetan people impressed Dai Bin.

“The Chinese nation is a big family and the people in Xizang are very kind. When we cured diseases of people and corrected their wrong ideas in a village or town, these simple people put some special local products and some food in our pockets.” In the eyes of Dai Bin, the time of going to a grassroots unit to see patients on a volunteer basis is very short, but the experts try their best to help local people in a certain period of time, prevent people from returning to poverty because of illness, and contribute to Healthy China Initiative.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has continuously increased investment in rural health undertaking and planned medical resources as a whole, improved medical conditions, strengthened medical teams, and innovated the service method by taking many measures. The grassroots people have also enjoyed timely, cheap, and effective medical services. In 2024, Xizang invested about RMB420 million to raise the subsidy standard for basic public health services again, effectively promoting the construction of “Healthy Xizang”.

How can we leave a medical team that cannot be taken away? Director Dai Bin believes that the assistance of experts is necessary, but only through centralized and long-term training in local hospitals can grassroots medical resources further develop.

“The time of going to a grassroots unit to see patients on a volunteer basis is short. We would like to bring more domestic and foreign advanced concepts and treatment experience to the local medical staff and correct some non-standard diagnosis and treatment methods in a short period of time. We propose targeted therapeutic regimens for patients with difficult miscellaneous diseases, especially some critically ill patients. Doctors go to the countryside so that people can get medical help in the village.”


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