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Gifts and donations for children of Ari Village

2022-06-22 10:26:00China Tibet Online

In the early morning of June 1, the work team stationed at Ari Village presented 13 preschool children with gifts such as books and clothes. "We were also moved when we saw the children smiling. We will distribute gifts to the children who were not present in the village that day." said Xu Cong, leader of the stationed team of the Qamdo Audit Bureau.

The picture shows the students of Jingyi Ethinic Primary School in Chongqing donating gifts to the preschool children in Ari Village.

Ari Village is about 3,870 meters above sea level. It is a semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral village, located near Ranwu Lake. After moving in in May 2022, the working team found that some preschool children lacked cold-proof winter clothes and children's books, which was a problem and made them anxious.

The picture shows some preschool children in Ari Village receiving gifts from caring people on Children's Day.

Therefore, they actively appealed to the employees of the national audit system and warm-hearted people devoted to charity to carry out donations. As of May 30, the team received a total of 30 parcels, including clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, scarves, children's books, toys, paintbrushes and other daily necessities and learning stationery.

The picture shows the books donated by caring people in Chongqing and Zhejiang for the children of Ari Village.

The team will further improve the Ari Village library, enrich the spiritual world of the villagers and children, and encourage them know more about the outside world through reading, so that they can have a broader vision!

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