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Rescue and inheritance of ancient Tibetan books yields fruitful results

2022-05-20 11:12:00China Tibet Online

With a wide variety, vast volume, long history and rich content, Tibetan ancient books and documents are an important part of Chinese classics and documents and a carrier of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

Since the reform and opening up, the state have invested funds and organized professionals to rescue, protect, excavate, collect, publish and make research in ancient Tibetan books and documents across the country, and have achieved gratifying results. With governments at all levels taking the lead, Tibetan-related research institutions, universities, libraries, publishing houses, temples, collectors and other sectors of society work together to protect and utilize Tibetan ancient books. The construction of professional talent team has been continuously strengthened, with talents in various fields such as collecting, cataloguing, restoring, sorting, editing, publishing, researching, and digitizing having emerging in large numbers. A large number of Tibetan ancient books have been published, such as “Chinese Tripitaka-Kanjur” and “Tanjur” “Bon Tripitaka” “Complete Collection of King Gesar”(300 volumes) “Chinese Classic-Tibetan Volume” “Photocopying Rare Books of Chinese Tibetan Medicine” “Tibetan Medicine Calendar on Snowy Plateau” “Library Classics Series on Snowy Plateau” “Series of Sages” and “Huibao Series”. The Tibetan Literature Resource Data Center and other ancient book literature databases were put into operation. Unprecedented achievements have been made in the scientific protection, development and utilization of Tibetan ancient books and documents.

Under the background of informatization, digitization and applying of big data, the digitization of ancient books and the construction of databases have become a new development trend. The digitization of ancient Tibetan books and documents, database construction, orc identification, as well as scientific protection and efficient use through photocopying and other means will make further breakthroughs; and efforts will be further strengthened in terms of capital investment, policy preference, and talent team construction.




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