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Tibet: migratory birds begin to migrate

2022-04-29 13:06:00China Tibet Online

When spring comes, the migratory birds that spend the winter in Tibet set off to the grasslands of northern Tibet to start “breeding children”. Recently, All the migratory birds have already flown away, according to information learned from the Forestry and Grass Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

At present, some of the black-necked cranes wintering in Tibet are migrating in groups from the wintering area to the breeding area. Once they reach the destination, they will spread out in twos and threes. This is because during the breeding season, they have to provide more abundant food and nutrition to the offspring. Spreading out can avoid competing for limited food and preserve physical strength.

The reporter learned from the Nagqu City Forestry and Grass Bureau that the number of black-necked cranes that have arrived at the breeding area have dispersed. So it is difficult to find their traces.

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