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Zhaburang, characteristic well-off village by the Guge Kingdom ruins

2020-07-31 16:01:00China Tibet Online

Zhaburang Village is a characteristic well-off village that lies by the ruins of the Guge Kingdom.

Zhaburang Village in Zanda County, Ngari Prefecture is a well-off model tourism village located by an ancient site, the ruins of the Guge Kingdom. The houses in the village are scattered around in a picturesque way.

It is understood that construction on Zhaburang Village began in June 2018 with aid from the Hebei Province’s Aid Tibet counterpart. It was fully completed and residents were resettled here in November.

Thanks to rich tourism resources, running homestay has become the main source of income for poorer households. 

50-year-old Jinzhu Dekyi has operated a family hotel since 2007. More than 10 years of receiving villagers has allowed her to increase the wealth of her family every year. 

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