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Tibet Airlines opens new Lhasa-Kunming-Mangshi route

2020-07-30 16:30:00China Tibet Online

On July 11, a flight with Tibet Airlines arrived at Mangshi, southwest China’s Yunnan province.

At about 12 o’clock, a passenger airplane wearing “colorful khata” landed at Dehong Mangshi Airport in Yunnan. This marked the successful first flight of Tibet Airlines’ newly opened Lhasa-Kunming-Mangshi route. It is understood that the route is scheduled to be operated by   A319 aircraft with one flight every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Passengers arrive at Dehong Mangshi Airport in Yunnan Province.

According to reports, this route is the first time an airline has opened a direct route from Lhasa to Mangshi. “It takes less than five hours to fly from Lhasa to Yunnan’s border cities, greatly reducing transportation costs.”

Mangshi is the capital of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. It has strong Southeast Asian characteristics. The opening of this route and the very different tourism resources of the two places will add highlights to tourist travel in Tibet and Yunnan. The staff at Dehong Mangshi Airport in Yunnan presented flowers to welcome the crew of Tibet Airlines.

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