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Tibet gives new look to rural toilets, waste management

2021-06-07 14:29:00chinadaily.com.cn

The Tibet autonomous region has renovated more than 270,000 toilets for the region's rural residents during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2015-20) period, and domestic waste in most of its rural villages has been treated, Xinhua News Agency reported.

More than 30 percent of the region's rural villages have controlled domestic sewage, and more 40 percent of region's rural villages have basically achieved the goal of keeping livestock out of residential yard instead of keeping it in their yard like they did in the past, according to the region's department of agriculture and rural affairs.

Chung Phakdrub, a Tibetan resident, told Xinhua that in the past, pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens, flies, garbage, and animal manure were found everywhere in the village, and the whole village used to smell.

"Now, there is a designated place for garbage collection in the village, our village is clean and tidy, and the villagers are more aware of keeping a clean environment in the village," Chung Phakdrub said.

Du Jie, the head of the region's department of agriculture and rural affairs, said Tibet has placed waste treatment facilities in most of the region's rural areas, and it has basically realized goal of centralized treatment of waste in the rural areas.

"Next, we will improve the living environment of the region's rural areas, and we will work hard to make our villages to become more comfortable, harmonious, and beautiful for living," said Du Jie.

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