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Tibet stocks up materials for flood control and emergency rescue

2020-07-29 15:31:00China Tibet Online

During the flood season this year, Tibet Autonomous Region has stocked up materials worth of 70 million yuan (about 10 million US dollars) for flood control, emergency rescue and relief work.  

The stockpiles include 6.94 million woven bags, 2650 bumper blocks, 5,600 wire mesh bags, 30,000 square meters of wire cages, 70,000 cubic meters of rock block, 20,000 square meters of geotextitles and 2,2000 life jackets and searching lights. 

The safety of reservoir concerns life and property safety of people around the reservoir and downstream. In order to manage the flood control and drought relief work this year, Tibet has published a list of administrative persons responsible for related works for large and medium-sized reservoirs, major rivers. 

Pangduo reservoir, praised as the “Three gorges reservoir in Tibet”, is the backbone control project in the Lhasa river basin. According to information of the Pangduo Water Control Authority, the capacity of the reservoir if 1.23 billion cubic meters; the safety of the reservoir will directly affect the safety of towns in the lower reaches of Lhasa river and towns along the Yarlung Zangbo river, as well as the 318 national highway.  

Since the start of the flood season, the personnel on duty inspected the dam and other hydraulic structure of the reservoir every day. At present, the reservoir works in a stable manner.  


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