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China tightens supervision over after-school institutions

2018-11-22 00:05:49Xinhua

  Ministry of Education said Wednesday that a management platform will soon be launched online to tighten scrutiny of after-school training institutions across China.

  Primary school students at an after-school training institution in Hefei, Anhui Province [File photo: VCG]

  Information about licensed after-school institutions that provide programs for primary and middle school students will be available on the platform.

  Education authorities nationwide will also blacklist poorly-managed institutions, and accept public complaints about after-school programs via the platform, said the ministry.

  A number of after-school institutions were found to have taught courses too advanced for the school's normal curriculum and placed children under too much pressure, causing unnecessary competition among students.

  Amid a national campaign, 401,050 after-school education institutions had been examined, and 272,842 were found to have problems, among which 163,203 made rectifications as of Nov. 15.

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