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China-UK Nuclear Power Moves a Step Closer

2018-11-21 22:06:04Sino.uk

  Work on a pioneering nuclear energy project in Essex is reported to have entered a ‘new phase.’

  Computer Generated Image of the new reactor. [Photo: Sino. uk]

  The UK’s first Chinese designed nuclear reactor has moved a step closer to approval as the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation said the Chinese HPR1000 reactor has passed the second stage of the approval process.

  The four-stage Generic Design Assessment takes around four years, and has been underway since 2016.

  In a statement to the press, the Nuclear Regulator said, “The regulators have not identified at this stage of the GDA process any fundamental safety, security or environmental issues that would prevent the issue of a Design Acceptance Confirmation.”

  The project will now move to stage three of the process.

  CGN intends to make a number of investments in Britain’s nuclear power sector, most notably the new Hinkley Point C project in southwest England.

  The new Chinese HPR1000 reactor will be built, pending certification, by a joint French/Chinese consortium at Bradwell.

  The consortium is made-up of EDF from France and China General Nuclear Power Corporation, who together have formed General Nuclear Services (GNS).

  This development will form the first step of a broad investment by the Chinese and French firms in the UK nuclear power system.

  Zhu Minhong, Managing Director of GNS, said: “This is an important milestone for the GDA project, involving many thousands of hours of engineering work and is a great demonstration of the effectiveness of the CGN and EDF joint venture in the UK. I would encourage the public to continue to engage with the process and provide feedback on the next level of detail that is being provided as part of Step 3.”

  An even larger project will be the new power station at Hinkley Point C, which will help to redress a looming power gap in the United Kingdom between the amount of power that the country consumes and the amount that it can produce for itself.

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