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Thousands of Kingdonia uniflora discovered at Four Girls Mountain

2020-06-18 17:01:00China Tibet Online

Recently, an expert from Sichuan Province conducted a field survey at Four Girls Mountain and found a population of a endangered, rare, national protected plant, the Kingdonia uniflora. Its population distribution is nearly 200 square meters, and they number in the thousands.

The expert said that this rare plant, which originated 67 million years ago, has stringent requirements for its living environment, and is considered to be a “natural indicator” for an excellent ecological environment. The population distribution of the plant found at Four Girls Mountain also signifies that the ecological environment of the area is well protected.

Dr. Hou Kai, a professional doctor in medicinal plants from Sichuan Agricultural University, said that the Kingdonia uniflora plant is a unique relic in China, and it is only distributed throughout Sichuan, Gansu, Yunnan, and Shaanxi provinces. This reflects the distribution of ancient flora before the Himalayan orogeny. The unique structure of the plant of one flower and one leaf is of great value and scientific significance for studying the evolution of angiosperms.

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