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Qinghai-Tibet Plateau builds an “ecological barrier”

2020-04-23 16:47:00China Tibet Online

On April 8, a voluntary tree planting event for the spring of 2020 was launched in Haidong City, northwest China’s Qinghai Province. One million people will participate in planting trees and afforestation efforts throughout the year. 

“In recent years, through a series of measures such as the afforestation of desert mountains, making villages more environmentally friendly, and voluntary tree planting, the mountains in our countryside have become greener, the water has become clearer, and the environment has become more beautiful. It’s like living in a park,” said Sun Youchun, a villager from Shangdian Village in Xiaoxia Town, Ping’an District, Haidong City.   

Sun Youchun said that planting trees and afforestation have also brought new income-increasing opportunities for the villagers. The village’s forests are flourishing, and the development of an undergrowth breeding industry is also booming. The saying “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” is really reflected in the farmers here.   

It is reported that Haidong City has carried out the event of voluntary tree planting with one million people  in the spring and autumn for three consecutive years. 

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