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Rural e-commerce system in Shigatse, Tibet formed

2020-04-30 20:56:00China Tibet Online

In October 2019, Shigatse City in Tibet used JD.com and other domestic e-commerce companies to continuously improve its rural e-commerce system. After more than six months of efforts, its rural e-commerce system has taken shape. This will be significant for local farmers and herdsmen to increase their incomes. 

Since signing a strategic cooperation agreement with JD Group in 2019, Shigatse has taken advantage of JD’s skills in logistics and e-commerce and exported more products out of Shigatse. Since October 2019, online sales for the JD Tibet Shop, JD Shigatse Shop, and JD Shigatse Poverty Alleviation Shop have reached more than 10 million yuan (1.4 million US dollars), and offline exhibition hall sales have reached more than 3 million yuan (423,627 US dollars). 

It is reported that Shigatse City will continue to invest resources to its e-commerce ecosystem building. 

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