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Agricultural Bank of China: innovative credit products help develop private enterprise

2020-04-27 15:59:00China Tibet Online

The Chamdo Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China recently launched “Snow Land Grape Loans”, “Snow Land Tibetan Sheep Loans”, “Snow Land Cordyceps Loans”, “Snow Land Homestay Loans”, and “Kangba Tibetan Pork Loans” in conjunction with the current industrial development status and business characteristics of Chamdo City, Tibet. These credit products fully and actively support the development of private enterprises in Chamdo. 

To date, the Agricultural Bank of China Chamdo Branch has issued 3.1 million yuan (437,927 US dollars) in “Snow Land Cordyceps Loans”, 290,000 yuan (40,967 US dollars)in “Snow Land Grape Loans”, and 280,000 yuan (39,555 US dollars)in “Snow Land Homestay Loans” to six operating enterprises. Enterprises can obtain loans through mortgages, pledges, and credits, both online and offline, and repayment methods include regular repayments or loan repayments.

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