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Gao Zhiyong's mural photography exhibition on display in Lhasa

2021-10-20 16:51:00China Tibet Online

Gao Zhiyong was born in 1964 in Lushan, Sichuan. He grew up in Tibet as a child. He has photographed Tibetan folklore and Tibetan culture for 40 years and has been engaged in the photography of Tibetan murals for more than 20 years.


The more than 70 mural photography works exhibited at this event are Gao Zhiyong's second creations based on the huge library of Tibetan murals. In the works on display, the “unremarkable” flowers and creatures that were once used as the background murals become the protagonists and are presented to the audience collectively, completing a natural journey in the back garden of Tibet.

After the exhibition, the garden becomes the main theme. In addition to the photography exhibition, a series of thangka paintings, painted stones, wooden incense sticks and thangka cloth paintings have been added to all-day optional art experiences. In the blooming atmosphere of the exhibition, viewers can immerse themselves in the experience of life on the snow lands in the back garden.




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