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Ancient Books Library unveiled in Jokhang Temple

2022-06-07 10:53:00China Tibet Online

The Jokhang Temple Branch Library of the Tibet Autonomous Region Library and the Jokhang Temple Ancient Books Library of the Autonomous Region Ancient Books Protection Center officially opened on May 26.

The Jokhang Temple was built in the 7th century AD. At present, the Tripitaka is the most precious ancient book in the Jokhang Temple Ancient Books Library. It is the Lijiang version of the Tripitaka, dating back to the reign of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty. It was engraved by 108 engravers with the Nanjing Jinling sutra engraving House sent by the central government. The engravers, sponsored by Muzeng, a chieftain of the Naxi ethnic group in Lijiang, Yunnan, collected and sorted out the versions of the Tripitaka of the past dynasties, and carved them in both Chinese and Tibetan languages.

Tibet preserves a large number of ancient Tibetan books, and the number of extant Tibetan ancient books accounts for about two-thirds of China's total. Since 2009, the whole region has started the census and registration of ancient books, and the census and registration work in Potala Palace and Norbulingka is currently underway.

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