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Ethnic folk song and dance show opens in Dechen, Yunnan

2020-06-16 16:15:00China Tibet Online

On the evening of June 5, on the moonlit square of the Dukezong Ancient City in Shangri-La City, Dechen Prefecture, Yunnan Province,the 2020 Dechen Prefecture ethnic folk song and dance show, hosted by the Dechen Prefecture Culture and Tourism Bureau, officially opened. 

Axin from the Prefectural Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation Association said, “From June, there will be folk dance performances every night. We have currently launched xianzi(a stringed instrument) song and dance performances and guozhuang circle dance performances. The special show times for xianzi performances are June 5, 15, and 25; the show times for guozhuang circle dance performances are June 2, 12, and 22.”  

Zhang, a tourist from Kunming, happened to encounter a xianzi dance show today. She swayed with the rhythm, saying, “It’s so great to see such a spectacular folk dance show in my first visit to Shangri-La!” 

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