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Special exhibition opens at Tibet’s Yak Museum

2019-07-03 11:00:00China Tibet Online

A special exhibition was opened on July 1 in Tibet’s Yak Museum, which is located in the Newu District of Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet.

As the closest friend of the people living on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, the yak is not only a source of inspiration of folk and professional art, it also carries the heart and soul of the culture. For thousands of years, the yak has accompanied the Tibetan people and helped the residents in their daily lives. From clothing, food, housing, transportation, cooking, to farming, the yak plays a unique role in Tibetan culture.

The Yak Museum in southwest China's Tibet is the only museum dedicated to yak and yak culture in China.

The Yak Museum in southwest China's Tibet.

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