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AI a highlight at World Internet Conference

2019-10-28 16:40:00China Daily

An artificial intelligence (AI) project got the World Internet Leading Science and Technology Achievement Prize at a meeting on October 20 during the sixth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.

The product Brain++, an AI algorithm platform, was developed by Megvii Inc, or Face++, a Beijing-based startup known for its facial recognition technologies.

As an end-to-end AI algorithm platform, Brain++ possesses the research and development capacity of large-scale algorithm, breaking through key links between data and framework of AI industrialization and advancing the transformation and application of AI technologies. Relying on Brain++, the company has fostered an enabling environment for scenarios of individual Internet of Things, city Internet of Things and supply chain Internet of Things.

China's AI industry has ushered in a new age of development as the technology matures and demonstrates real-world applications, said experts at the AI forum held at WIC.

Talking about the relationship between creating value and social responsibility, Tang Wenbin, CTO of Megvii, said, "The development of AI should aim to improve people's living standards. Our company will try our best to create value for customers to realize the company's sustainable development."

"We will keep on developing Brain++ to enhance its performance, and in an open manner we hope it can energize more partners in the future to propel AI technology development", said Tang.

Themed "Intelligent Interconnection for Openness and Cooperation: Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace", the sixth WIC kicked off on Oct 20.

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