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Ever lasting memory——10th death anniversary of the 10th Panchen Erdeni

2019-01-31 08:48:00China Tibet Online

The 10th Panchen Erdeni inspecting a mountain village of the Bai ethnic group in Dali, Yunnan Province. (October 1986)

The 10th Panchen Erdeni presiding over the abhiseka ceremony in Garze, Sichuan Province. (September 1986) 

The 10th Panchen Erdeni working at home. (1988)

The 10th Panchen Erdenigiving immunity capsules to children in Kindergarten of the Central Institute for Nationalities [now the Central University for Nationalities]. (June 1986) 

The 10th Panchen Erdeni paying a visit to a dairy products factory in Australia. (May 1986) 


The 10th Panchen Erdeni lecturing on Buddhism for Living Buddhas and eminent monks in Shigatse shortly before he passed away. 

(Photos are copied from China's Tibet

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