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"Happy Spring Festival" global launching ceremony held

2019-02-03 10:59:00China Tibet Online

On January 16, the 2019 "Happy Spring Festival" global launching ceremony and news conference was held in Beijing. Luo Shugang, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, announced that the 2019 global "Happy Spring Festival" event was officially launched. Vice Minister Zhang Xu, social partners of the event, and media representatives attended.

This year's "Happy Spring Festival" event will join with nearly 1,000 partners around the world to hold more than 1,500 activities in 396 cities of 133 countries around the world, including performances, exhibitions, temple fairs, parades, intangible heritage items displaying, lectures and forums, snow dragon boats, and more.

The biggest highlight of this year's "Happy Spring Festival" will be the integration of culture and tourism. A variety of cultural experiences and tourism promotion activities will also be held during the event.

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