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Geese breeders in mountains of Tibet

2018-12-17 10:24:00China Tibet Online

“We spent only one year in realizing full returns on our former investments, and even installed solar water heaters for our villagers free of charge. We have been very successful with this project!” Zhu Hailong, captain of the Chamdo City Raoba Village work team, said proudly.

The project Zhu Hailong mentioned is a high-altitude ecological goose-breeding project, a targeted poverty alleviation project. The total investment into this project is 920,000 yuan (133,560 US Dollars), which is officially operated on September 19, 2017. It has raised 5,200 geese and sold more than 14,000 goose eggs to achieve a sales revenue of 910,000 yuan (132,108 US Dollars).

“Let everyone enjoy the benefits of the village collective industry by breeding ecological geese. To really tap into the potential here, we will radiate outwards and drive more people to increase their incomes.” This is Zhu Hailong’s commitment to the villagers, and now this beautiful blueprint is being achieved step by step.

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