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Tibetan Medicinal Materials Identification Competition

2023-09-22 16:31:00China Tibet Online

Recently, the Tibetan Medicinal Materials Identification Competition was held in Tibet. Sponsored by the Department of Tibetan Medicine at Maizhokunggar County People's Hospital, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, the competition attracted over 30 Tibetan medical professionals from county, township, and village levels to participate.

During the event, Tseten Dondrup, a Tibetan medicine expert and deputy chief physician, introduced over 200 types of wild medicinal materials in Maizhokunggar County on the spot. Subsequently, he carefully selected more than 100 valuable medicinal materials with high medicinal properties for the identification and assessment of the contestants, and awarded honorary certificates to participants who achieved outstanding results.

This event enriched doctors' comprehension of the distribution characteristics and growth environment of medicinal plants within the county, enhancing the clinical practice competency of medical staff.

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