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Year-end dividend sharing ceremony held in pastoral area of Ngari,Tibet

2023-01-02 22:16:00China Tibet Online

The cooperative in the pastoral area of Chacuo Village, Mami Township, Gerze County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, recently held a year-end dividend sharing ceremony. The total revenue of the cooperative is 4.65 million yuan, including products such as butter, milk residue and meat worth 2.48 million yuan and cash worth 2.17 million yuan. 

According to the cooperative dividend system, 5% will be used for households just shaking off poverty, students, the disabled and the elderly, 2.5% for shares holders, 77.5% for labor dividends, 13.5% to 14% for working capital of cooperatives, and 1% to 1.5% for salaries of cooperative staff. All households in the village can enjoy the benefits brought by the development of the cooperative. 

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