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Ghee: treasure that herdsmen in northern Tibet cannot do without

2022-07-29 15:27:00China Tibet Online

Ghee is the treasure among the many treasures in the life of the northern Tibetan herdsmen. It is the essence of food, and people cannot live without it. This buttery dairy product is fat extracted from yak and goat milk.

The yak is a unique livestock on the plateau, and people love the ghee produced by the yak. Yak ghee produced in summer and autumn is bright yellow in color, sweet and excellent in taste; in winter, it is light yellow. Goat ghee is white; its luster and nutritional value are not as good as yak ghee, and its taste less delicious.

Ghee is widely used in the grassland area of northern Tibet. For example, ghee tea is an indispensable drink for the herdsmen. In addition, it can also be used to make body oil, head oil and lamp oil. Mixed with flour and various pigments, ghee can also be made into colorful ghee flowers, etc., and its functions are too numerous to enumerate.

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