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Overseas Chinese media visit Tibetan culture museum

2019-07-16 10:46:00China Tibet Online

“Today I experienced the depth of Tibetan culture. Whether it’s the historical origin or the influence of Tibetan culture on modern culture, I look forward to having more opportunities to learn about it, experience it, transmit it overseas, and let more international friends come to understand the true Tibetan culture,” Wang Yanyun, chairman of Canada Victoria Media, told reporters on July 10.

On July 10, media representatives from China and overseas traveled to Qinghai to visit the Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum. The Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum, also known as the Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Museum, is the only comprehensive museum in the world that features Tibetan medicine and Tibetan culture.

Wang Yanyun said: “I learned a bit about Tibetan culture before in Canada, but this close contact helped me experience the piety of local believers. It was really moving.”

“I think that thangka paintings and Egyptian murals have some similarities. They are all created by an ancient culture with natural glazing,” said Wang Yonghong, editor-in-chief of Egypt-China News.

Zhang Zhisen, the general manager of Zhisheng Culture Media from Australia, said that he saw that Tibetan history and culture were well documented, which shows great respect for Tibetan culture.

“Nowadays, there is very little understanding of Tibetan history overseas, but the degree of attention is very high. I hope that the Tibetan cultural history displayed in the museum can be published in the form of text and translated into different languages. If local scholars can bring the essence to overseas to study and discuss with scholars there, this will have a better effect on the spread and promotion of Tibetan culture,” Zhang Zhisen said.

Works of thangka painting attract representatives of the media to take photos




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