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Ngawang Samten: Later Generations can Learn from Predecessors

2024-05-06 11:13:00China Tibet Online

The 3-level academic title system of Tibetan Buddhism is a system for the cultivation of high-level monks of Tibetan Buddhism and awarding of academic titles which is unified among different religious sects and formed by inheriting the traditional Buddhist sutra study system in Tibetan Buddhism temples and absorbing advanced concepts of modern education. The academic titles of Tibetan Buddhism are divided into primary, middle, and high levels, which are “Chenrampa”, “Chinrampa”, and “Thorampa”. Among them, the academic title of “Thorampa” is equivalent to a doctor’s degree.

“Later generations can learn from predecessors.” At the 20th anniversary of the establishment and implementation of the 3-level academic title system of Tibetan Buddhism, the reporter interviewed Ngawang Samten, Dharma Master of the Buddhist Academy of Xizang and the second batch of “Thorampa” students graduating from High-level Tibetan Buddhism College of China. He said that it is not easy to pass the examination of “Thorampa”. For monks studying in the High-level Tibetan Buddhism College of China and the Buddhist Academy of Xizang, the advanced academic title of “Thorampa” is the highest degree of Tibetan Buddhism pursued by everyone. If you win this honor, your religious attainments are highly praised and it is the glorious mission of the healthy inheritance of Tibetan Buddhism.


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