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“Group-based” Working Team from Shanghai Go to Zham Port in Xizang for Voluntary Clinics

2024-04-16 10:48:00China Tibet Online

Recently, Nylam Frontier Inspection Station in Xizang invited the 9th batch of “group-based” aid-Xizang medical talents in Shanghai to go to Zham Port in Xizang to see patients on a volunteer basis.

The medical team consists of 22 medical experts from the Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Internal Medicine Department, Neurosurgery Department, and other departments of Grade 3 Class A hospitals in Shanghai.

On the site of the activity, the medical team provided targeted professional solutions to healthcare, psychological adjustment, and pain relief of occupational disease for grassroots policemen and assistant police of the port, cadres and staff of different units, and people with methods such as symposium, one-to-one diagnosis through interrogation, and on-site lecture, and gave professional guidance according to the condition of the patient.

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