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“Miraculous Festival” Party at Radoi Monastery in Lhasa

2024-02-28 15:30:00China Tibet Online

The “Miraculous Festival”, from the first to the fifteenth day in the first lunar month in the Tibetan calendar, is an important festival of Tibetan people. It is also called the “Miraculous Month”, during which people dress up, go to the place where there will be a party with food and beverage, sing, dance, watch Tibetan opera and performance, and celebrate the annual “Miraculous Festival”. On this day, people offer sacrifices to the gods, provide offerings, and light incense and candles to wish that there are good harvests, a prosperous country, and people at peace in the new year.

With a history of more than 700 years, Radoi Monastery sponsors the annual “dharma assembly” for debating Buddhist scriptures. The main content of the dharma assembly is reciting and debating Buddhist scriptures, testing the Buddhist accomplishments of monks, and getting a degree. Every year, a large number of religious believers in and outside the region worship Buddha, visit the monastery, and watch the dharma assembly here. On the day of the “Miraculous Festival”, many local people voluntarily go to the monastery to worship and pray for safety.

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