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【Happy Chinese New Year】A Bite of Spring Festival Atmosphere (2)

2024-02-10 10:19:00China Tibet Online

Delicious food is absolutely necessary during the Spring Festival!

Chicken: In Chinese, “Chicken” has the same pronunciation as “Ji”, which stands for auspiciousness. Eating chicken during the Spring Festival shows people’s good wishes for good fortune and success in the new year.

Fish: Fish and “Yu (surplus)” have the same pronunciation. Therefore, eating fish during the Spring Festival means that you have enough things to spend every year. It shows people’s good wishes for the new year.

Wine: In the reunion during the Spring Festival, people take up the wine cup and chat merrily to express blessings and show respect. The liquor for the Spring Festival in early China had the meaning of respecting parents and wishing them a long life. It was expanded to the prevention of plague and other fields, such as Tusu Liquor which emerged in the Tang Dynasty.

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