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Visiting a Kindergarten in Nagqu, Tibet at an Altitude Higher Than 4,500 Meters

2023-10-31 16:53:00China Tibet Online

Nagqu No.3 Kindergarten officially started operating in October 2014. Currently, it has 12 classes and 358 students.

The kindergarten combines the characteristic education of the northern pastoral areas with modern education. Upon entering it, the traditional Tibetan incense used for sanitization and disinfection lingers around, creating a strong Tibetan ambiance. The two activity venues are brightly colored and equipped with large-scale activity equipment and roller skating equipment, aiming to stimulate children’s enthusiasm for activities. The classrooms are simple in color, guiding children to contemplate quietly.

Every year, the kindergarten organizes a costume show. In the phase of Tibetan costume show, the Tibetan costumes are collaboratively designed and produced by children and their parents. The children then showcase their costumes on the catwalk. The kindergarten aims to provide a multitude of activity courses, rich in Tibetan and pastoral elements so that children can learn about their traditional ethnicity alongside modern education. Ultimately, the kindergarten hopes to foster the development of "Little Zhuoba" (young herdsman in Tibetan language), who inherit the confident and courageous traits of their Northern Tibet herdsman ancestors from an early age.

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