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Beijing Doctor Comes to My Home This Summer

2023-09-12 16:38:00China Tibet Online


“I want to go to Beijing for treatment, and then continue my studies if I can recover.” Samding, 16-year-old, said to the doctor in front of him, almost crying. The doctor from Beijing wrote the diagnosis and other information seriously on the prescription after checking the boy, including incapability to lie flat, chest tightness, and difficulty in breathing. The boy suffered from the severe scoliosis for years. “I’m not afraid of mountains and far distances, not seeking fame or gain, just for the public welfare.I wanna cure people who are most in need,” said Zhang Xinhui, the Beijing doctor who had begun to treat Samding, and would take the poor boy to Beijing for treatment.

Recently, the public welfare activity of “One Heart, the Chinese Heart” has been launched in Tibet as scheduled. Medical volunteers of Beijing medical institutions went to Lhasa, Chamdo and Nyingchi to provide local farmers and herdsmen with voluntary medical consultation and rounds of visits, science popularization of health and screening for congenital heart disease, etc. The word “health” has attracted the attention of people on the plateau this summer.

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