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Damxung, blessed land on snow-covered plateau

2021-09-24 09:06:00China Tibet Online

Damxung, with an average elevation of 4,300 meters, means "The chosen one ranch" in Tibetan. It’s backed by the Mt. Nyainqentanglha, adjacent to Namtso Lake. The glacial snow water from the mountain nourishes 700,000 hectares of pure natural pastures. The semi-wild yaks drink from glaciers and salt lakes, and they feed on rare and Tibetan herbs such as cordyceps, enoki mushrooms, and ginseng fruits.

In recent years, Damxung County has made great efforts to build the brand of "Extreme Pure Damxung", " Extreme" represents the "third pole in the world", and " Pure" represents the pure land health industry and the eco-tourism industry with the core concept of "pure land, water, air, and heart", which is also the soul of nomadic culture flowing in the blood of herders. It does not ask for too much from nature. This represents an industrial development model that promotes the sustainable development of natural resources.

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