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Tibet: Yajiang Snow Cow increases farmers’ income

2022-06-15 11:06:00China Tibet Online

The picture shows Solang Gyaltsten (right) checking the growth of the calf.

In recent years, Tibet has made full use of its rich pien niu (offspring of a bull and a female yak) resources and established a Tibetan yak economic hybrid breeding demonstration base. Through technological innovation and promotion and other measures, the region has achieved high-quality development of the yak industry, and the Yajiang Snow Cow industry has become bigger, stronger and more efficient. In December 2020, Mr. Solang Gyaltsten from Liandui Village, Gyacha County, established a professional cooperative for farmers. Through taking advantage of the Pien niu resources, he developed Yajiang Snow cattle through artificial breeding, which improved the utilization value of Pien niu and increased their income. At present, the cooperative has 83 Pien niu and 25 Yajiang Snow Cow.

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