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New homes and growing income

2019-01-28 09:39:00China Tibet Online

Since 2016, Denqen County in Chamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has worked hard on the relocation of poverty-stricken households and developing industries. For every relocation site, complete facilities are made available; every household is provided with income-growing industry channels; infrastructure is made comprehensive; and public services are continuously improving.

The Wahe Village of Chido town has relocated 971 people from 189 poverty-stricken households, and built 313 new homes (including 124 homes which used to be in shantytowns). As resources are allocated, matching industry programs such as the Sand and Stone Field Co-Op and the Chido town Animal Husbandry Products Logistics Center were added, realizing an annual income increase of more than 1000 yuan/person.

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