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Shigatse: five special students prepare for college entrance exam

2019-06-05 15:14:00China Tibet Online

Buchuang Tashi is studying on March 17, 2019.

The senior class at Number Three Senior High School of Shigatse in southwest China’s Tibet, has five visually-impaired students who will take the college entrance exam in June.

Banma Jigme, Buchuang Tashi, and Nyima Phuntsok are three male students who are completely blind. Yangzom and Tenzin Tsamjor are two female students with partial sight.

The 22-year-old Banma Jigme is from Guide County of northwest China’s Qinghai Province. He has once had healthy sight. Unfortunately, he has completely forgotten what he had seen. He said his childhood was boring, and he envied kids who could go to school.

In 2010, when hearing there was a school for blind students in Lhasa, Banma Jigme came to the city with his father. After learning braille, he realized the blind could learn about the world this way.

He said: “I love Tibetan language, and I want to become a Tibetan teacher in future.”

The 21-year-old Buchuang Tashi lost his sight gradually. “I’ve seen galsang flowers, it has eight petals in pink, red... I also know what Potala Palace looks like.” Tashi remembered.

In 2013, Buchuang Tashi’s sight worsened and he became almost completely blind. He tried to drown his sorrows by drinking. After some time, he accepted the fact that he was going blind, and he gained inspiration from the character of Guo Jing in martial arts novelist Louis Cha’s books. He wanted to study to become a lawyer and fight for justice.

The 19-year-old Nyima Phuntsok is from Sagya County of Shigatse. He has long, tapered fingers and loves music. He has taught himself some basic piano songs.

He said he started to love Mozart and Beethoven in the third year of middle school. “When I first heard Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, it was as if it was played in front of me.”

As the college entrance exam is getting closer, Nyima Phuntsok put away his beloved electronic piano to focus on test preparations. After the exam, he plans to join a band of blind musicians in Lhasa and play the piano.

The 21-year-old Yangzom has excellent grades and is known for her academic achievement at school. “I want to go to college and prove myself.” She has always been determined about her education.

Tenzin Tsamjor is like Yangzom in her dedication to studying. In the last three months’ exams, she has earned top scores. She loves classic poetry and wants to be accepted to the Chinese language and literature department at Tibet University.


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