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Double-body pottery pot

2021-08-31 17:18:00China Tibet Online

The double-body pottery pot was unearthed at the Karub ruins in Chamdo, Tibet, and has a history of more than 4,000 years. The shape of the vessel is made of two identical bag-shaped gallipots connected together, so it is named "double-body pot." According to the Tibet Museum, the pot mouse has a diameter of 11.3cm, a bottom diameter of 8.4cm and a height of 19cm. Its texture is yellow pottery with sand. The mouth is horn shaped, straight neck, abdomen is connected bag shaped double body, cervical shoulder has a pair of holes for tying rope. The surface of the pot is exquisitely decorated, with the use of carved lines and Cinnabar black painting decoration.

The ware is full and beautiful in shape, ingenious in conception and skilled in craftsmanship, which represents the highest level of pottery production of Karub culture at that time and is known as the representative work of neolithic pottery in Tibet.

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